Faculty positions: Chemical Science

The Chemical Science Program in the Physical Sciences and Engineering Division at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) invites applications for faculty positions at all ranks (Assistant, Associate, and Full Professors).

The Chemical Science Program is based on Chemistry as a core discipline, yet it promotes interactions between KAUST Reserach Centers, particularly the Catalysis, Membrane, Solar Energy, Red Sea Sciences, and Geometric Modelling and Visualization Centers. Research opportunities in the Chemical Science Program are related to KAUST's strategic goals targeting future needs of the global community.

The Chemical Science program is currently recruiting for the following faculty positions:

  • Polymeric Materials:
With emphasis on the design, synthesis, characterization (structural and molecular), and properties of novel well-defined polymeric materials in line with KAUST's focus in the areas of water, food, energy, and the environment.

  • Experimental Polymer Physics:
With emphasis on the dynamics and molecular rheology of polymeric systems including, but not limited, branched polymers, copolymers, functionalized and responsive polymers, nanocomposites, melts, and solutions. Particular interest will be given to applicants with research experience and related background in polymer processing.

  • Total Synthesis:
The unique location of KAUST and the presence of two unique key Centers entail the initiation of an organic chemistry research program dedicated to total synthesis of biologically active natural products. The potential faculty program will be devoted to total synthesis of prospective natural products from the Red Sea.

  • Heterogeneous Catalysis:
The area of reserach associated with this position is "New Concepts in Acid Catalysis leading to Major Breakthroughs" and its objective is to expand the heterogeneous catalysis expertise to the area of refining and petro chemistry.

All candidates should build an independent high-impact research program and demonstrate capability of working across broad interdisciplinary areas. Senior applicatnts must have a proven record of high-impact research, been published in premier journals, as well as have strong teaching and student mentoring experience. Applicants should apply at the http://pse.kaust.edu.sa employment site. Positions will remain open until filled.